A self directed motion graphic that combines live footage, kinetic typography and 3D elements to tell a story. Cupid De Locke, a song by Smashing Pumpkin, talks about love, crush and how destructive it can be. I visualize how a person get infatuated through Rube Goldberg’s, “The Incredible Machine,” where each action would trigger another.

The whole scene tells a story of two character meeting one another. It involves the start and end of how both character interacts. By using a mix of illustration and live footage, it aims to stimulate and represent a fantasy yet childlike emotion/feeling. The process of the emotion is visually represented through a chain of reactions triggered by the character.

- Credits -
Music: Cupid de Locke by Smashing Pumpkin
Female lead: Ah C
Male lead: Horse10
Backstage crew: Quai and Ah Yor

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