The Beautiful Formula Collective is an open group joined by Oleksiy Koval, Kuros Nekouian and Stefan Schessl in 2011. The idea to which the group adresses can be denoted as an attempt to cancel the hierarchic separations in the process of art. We want to find out in wich way a finalized work and its incurrence, as well as the artistic individuality as an activity are interweaved with forms of collective doing and conception. We want to face the process of painting as such und ask about the meaning of formulas and rules, wich feed it and keep it in motion. We want to make the process of art tangible and transparent as a test assembly. We want to set free the curiosity for understanding painterly test assemblies. Eventually such an understanding can only emerge, if the onlooker leaves the position as an external observer and exposes himself or herself to the participation in the process oft art itself. We imagine that the forms of expression of those processes hereby gain the open character of an enactment. The constellations deriving from such a test assembly are to be documented and fixed in the form of a compendium.

An outstanding element of the process of painting is the rhythm in which the fabrication of an art work is accomplished. Rhythmical structures generate the process of painting as a more or less determinated movement in space and time. It gives form to the application of colours on surfaces. The rules of such a shaping, its sequence and number can be set and handled as rhythmical motives like, for example, 2,3,1 or 1,1,2. Here the 1 is to be conceived as a basal unity of movement that can be freely chosen. Picture plane: To gain certainty in dealing with different tempos while applying colours, the picture plane is divided in parts through numeric impulses that we call "meter" (1/4, 1/9, 1/16...).

How can such structures and motives of the process of art be performed and presented in a live environment, in front of the audience? The works to be generated are produced in a set point in time on empty image carriers already at hand. Working on them can be executed both alone as well as in a group. Hereby different rhythmical motives, meters, colours and materials as well as the entry of the persons involved are joined, so as to generate a constant composition, however implemented in a variable way.

Oleksiy Koval, Prof. Bernhard Lypp, Kuros Nekouian, Stefan Schessl
München, den 29.1.2012

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