Nineveh finds the scale of Justice and when they do, the author of this is the Lord God. It is He who applies the scale of justice, for He is the Lord of justice. Nations and men seem or are willing to be complicit in their own deceptions. They ignore the warnings, the signs, and the Word of God which has been given to us to gain wisdom, to bring us to repentance, that we may be delivered. Men though forget that there is coming a day for Justice and like Nineveh it will visit.
Nineveh had previously found repentance when Jonah came preaching. Thus Nineveh having repented we find the Lord also repented of the judgment he would have sent had they not repented. Now some 70 years later judgment and justice has found Nineveh again. The Kingdom is seen and called out for her sins. Nineveh, the multitude of whoredoms of the wellfavoured harlot says the Prophet Nahum. Nineveh is the mistress of witchcrafts which sells nations through her whoredoms and families through her witchcrafts. Nineveh is guilty and this time repentance is not found.
Nineveh though is a lesson to be learned for us today. Sadly, though men and nations will not learn. They are above the Nineveh of old. Today they deem themselves smarter, wiser, and with more knowledge than Nineveh or even God. They fear not, knowing not the true wrath of God, nor do they know his love, mercy, and compassion. Nineveh the harlot, the mistress of witchcrafts and one who has whoredoms of a harlot can be seen today again and again. Today, Nineveh is seen in America, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia, and the islands. In fact today, many nations are like unto Nineveh and like Nineveh will face Judgment. For all men and nations will be judged by the Governor of the Nations. Fear is the beginning of wisdom, so fear ye the Lord, The God of Justice. If you do well, if you learn well, then fear ye the Lord and seek his face all ye peoples of the earth. For truly, the Lord of Justice will bring his scale to your portion

Nineveh Scales of Justice for the Wellfavoured harlot
God is jealous, and the LORD revengeth; the LORD revengeth, and is furious; the LORD will take vengeance on his adversaries, and he reserveth wrath for his enemies. Nahum 1:2
The LORD is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him. Nahum 1:7
Because of the multitude of the whoredoms of the wellfavoured harlot, the mistress of witchcrafts,
that selleth nations through her whoredoms, and families through her witchcrafts. Nahum 3:4

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