Lo Más Importante de la Vida es No Haber Muerto (The Most Important Thing In Life Is Not Being Dead)
A film by OLPAMA (Olivier Pictet, Pablo Martín Torrado & Marc Recuenco)
Switzerland, Spain, 2010

15 festivals, sold to 12 territories
2 nominations, 1 award

Format DCP, 35mm


"Helmers Olivier Pictet, Pablo Martin Torrado and Marc Recuenco do often delight the eye and ear, their flair for whimsical meta-cinema at times recalling early works by Jeunet & Caro and Jaco van Dormael, among others" Dennis Harvey, Variety

"Sublime... Un film à voir à tout prix... " Philippe Congiusti (aka Fifi), Couleur 3

"Là, ça frétille : voilà l’un des premiers films les plus originaux qui soient... un digne cousin du Faux Semblants de David Cronenberg et d’Underground d’Emir Kusturica, avec du David Lynch et du Luis Buñuel dans le rôle du sel et du poivre." Thierry Jobin, Le Temps

"Un titre étonnant pour un film surprenant... scénario très original... grande maîtrise... Une plongée surréaliste dans l'inconscient des personnages." Emmanuel Tagnard, TSR

"The trio of wunderkind directors" MVFF

"Mythology, film noir and Buñuel-like social satire blend with invigorating style in this intelligent, imaginative and humorous portrait of the Franco era (and beyond)..." MVFF

"Astonishingly executed piece of filmmaking" EIFF


An esteemed piano tuner and repairer, Jacobo leads an apparently happy life with his wife, Helena. His serene existence is thrown into a state of confusion when insomnia creeps in, and pianos that previously repaired miraculously overnight remain unfixed. Jacobo plunges into paranoia and madness, hearing noises during
the night and having ephemeral visions of a stranger roaming the house in a night gown. Helena reassuringly denies anything out of the ordinary, and suspiciously insists he is hallucinating. Is the life we think safe and secure true, or is there a second reality lurking?

The most important thing in life is not being dead is a tale of betrayal and forgiveness in a rich musical universe, set against the Franco era, a period of political deceit and distorted reality in Spain. Playfully, the tragicomedy questions our perception of reality and the vulnerability of our human condition.

Saskia Vischer

Special limited DVD collector edition available for sale.
If you wish to purchase a copy, please write an email to info@saskiavischer.com, including: number of DVDs and delivery address. You will receive instructions for payment and cost. Delivery is possible to any country in the world. Basic cost per DVD is CHF 25, EUR 22 (+ delivery expenses). DVD includes: original version of film (Spanish) with choice of sub-titles English, French, German or Spanish on Catalan dialogue. Also available in Swiss shops: FNAC, Aker Geneva, Media Markt, Manor... Online: cede.ch citydisc.ch exlibris.ch shop-diffusion.com lugeon.ch
France: from January 2015.

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