In the skies above a bleak, dystopian vision of North Greenwich, a giant
spacecraft looms. It's been twenty-five years since they invaded, occupying
and enslaving the population, killing or capturing any who resisted. As a
citywide network of propaganda screens -- 'The Link' -- tries to brainwash
the population, A small band of rebels -- known only as the insurgency --
operate underground, constrained to their secret bases. The story of
Insurgency focuses around Leanne, a woman who will stop at nothing in order
to spark a city-wide uprising, and Paul; An apathetic member of the resistance
struggling with a life and death decision in the truest sense.

Filmed on no budget over five days, Insurgency is a highly ambitious science fiction short film shot on location in London. Inspired by the gritty, post apocolyptic worlds found in science fiction, Insurgency is an original tale of freedom, loyalty and the price of sacrifice.

Credit: Offline Editor

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