R ed: a raw energy that is sexual and animalistic. This portrait was painted under red LED lights.

G reen: the sickly feeling of greed or envy. This portrait was painted under green LED lights.

B lue: the vast feeling of the infinite that comes with bliss and spiritual awakening. This portrait was painted under blue LED lights.

Color, as we know it, is specific to the evolutionary development of our species. We have learned to perceive what is most advantageous to our survival. Therefore the colors that we perceive do not exist in permanence. We have fleeting interactions with colors as they brighten, fade, transform, and dissolve. The color of paint observed in a work of art is not solely the result of the pigment, but also influenced by the color of the light and atmosphere. I am using these conditions of perception to play with malleability of color. A simple change of light will reveal hidden brushstrokes and affect your feelings towards the painting.

Ultimately, I am orchestrating a synesthetic experience through the harmony and dissonance of light, color, and sound that enhances the emotional understanding of the colors red, green, and blue.

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