Client: CUSO International

Sean Kelly, marketing director for CUSO, had done some shooting in Peru telling the stories of 3 people benefitting from a youth employment centre established by CUSO volunteers. Sean edited the first piece, which we polished, and then he tasked us with crafting the final two. The success of the pieces led to the creation of a trailer for the trilogy. Lastly, we repackaged the footage as a dynamic 30 second PSA.

“You guys have been great to work with. I'm proud of these short videos. They're not high-budget, but they are, I think, quite moving and show real people working on real issues.”
- Sean Kelly, Director of Communications, Cuso International

“This was a really fun project to edit. There wasn’t a tonne of footage, but there were some great moments, so the challenge was wrapping those moments in a story and feel that would allow them to shine. Then, re-editing it all for the PSA gave me the opportunity to try out some creative ideas using stills and text, and I think it worked out really well.”
- Oren Hercz, editor.

3 vignettes: 20 minutes, 5:40, and 5:40 Trailer: 1 minute
PSA: 30 seconds

Producers: Sean Kelly, Nic Fieldsend
Shooter: Sean Kelly
Editor: Oren Hercz

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