Scene file can be found here:

This project mimics what was done in Houdini for the Coke - Carmichael Cinemas commercial at a smaller scale. We decided to create an example of how to create the effect in C4D.

Casey Hupke and I came up with this workflow, which unfortunately we don't have time at the moment to create a tutorial, but have supplied the project file and a brief explanation of the workflow. The lighting and rendering is just a quick setup to better see what's going on, but obviously a lot of the beauty and realism in the bubbles has to do with their look versus their actual behavior.

Thinking particles emit from a plane just above the surface of the liquid, which are then converted into mograph clones of bubbles being affected by modynamics. The liquid surface just below, and an invisible plane just above, and a box container surrounding the particles help limit their behaviors. The entire group can be slid to simulate the surface level changing.

The key components to note are the size increment between colliding particles so that they don't go apeshit when they run into each other. We set it at -5. Another important feature is understanding how TP and Mograph can work hand in hand to trade off responsibilities and characteristics between each other. In this case, we wanted the bubbles to be geometry so that dynamic collisions would happen between surfaces, but we needed a way to emit clones that also followed traits of particles like scale over age and random sizes, utilizing the best of both worlds.

If there are any further questions feel free to hit us up.

-John & Casey

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