the project
animal adaptation | agata muszynska, agnes kasparian, david andreen, simon de timary

LED lights, cables, sensors, actuators, connected to an arduino board, adapt the behaviour of a live being. As an animal in nature that explores the environment and acts in relation to the new conditions.

10-14.01.11 | tutor Ruairi Glynn
MSc/MRes Adaptive Architecture and Computation 2010-11
The Bartlett School of Graduate Studies | UCL
a workshop in collaboration with MAS Computer Aided Architectural Design 2011 | ETH Zurich

the workshop

In physical computing workshop we had to find interesting natural systems and look at how these systems are all goal directed, performing continual exchanges of information between themselves and the world they inhabit. Some of the most interesting systems will adapt their exchange based over a history of previous exchanges. We used our research as a starting point for generating design proposals for responsive architecture. Unlike the predominantly formal and static approaches architects take when borrowing from the natural world, we will be more concerned with behaviour over time. In groups of three or four we were build a responsive objects.
It had some of the following characteristics
1. Capacity to react/interact with human beings
2. Capacity to react/interact to the environment that it is situated within.
3. Multiple agents with capacity to react/interact between each other.
4. Demonstrate adaptive behaviour through use of coding strategies

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