This footage was shot on April 11, 2011.

This is my first and only experience witnessing an unconventional and unidentifiable flying object.

While I was longboarding back to my apartment I looked up and saw something hovering in the sky. I remember it was completely static. I found it strange that an aircraft rather low to the ground would be completely motionless. And it wasn't a helicopter; it didn't look like one, and as you can hear, there are no sounds that would suggest that it was. It emitted light though.

I immediately began filming as I realized how weird this was; and as soon as I began filming, the UFO started moving—almost towards me. Unfortunately, my Nikon lens was switched on Auto focus. But notice the speed and direction of the blurred light's movement. It moves very slowly at first, then as I try to focus, it begins to speed up.

I bring my camera down to see the lens so I can switch Auto focus to Manual focus. Just before I did this, it appeared that the light was about to be hidden by the building... but when I point the camera back up at the light you can see it hasn't yet receded, and in fact seems to be moving along the edge of the building. This is not normal movement for any aircraft I'm familiar with.

I don't know why I stopped filming :( I should've tried to follow it!
I start to say "That's so weird"... I might've been a little spooked haha. Lame.

Interesting observation nonetheless. Any thoughts?

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