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Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 100% of the ¨Picual¨ variety. (Picual is the world´s most extensive olive variety and native to Spain). It's characterized by a high content of monounsaturated oleic acid (around 80%), vitamin E and very rich in polyphenols (natural antioxidants). This combination results in it being the most stable oil in the world giving the Picual oil a long shelf life which responds excellent when heated.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Heredad Serrano-Gámez" is of the highest quality as it is the first and the best oil of the harvest. Its characteristics are extraordinary: very low acidity (0.1-0.2° max), intensive green colour, aromatic, very fruity and slightly peppery (positive attribute due to high content of polyphenols), being the best option for salads, frying or cooking.

"And how we achieve the quality of our Extra Virgin Olive Oils?"

The quality begins in the field and as we mentioned before it is a huge advantage for us to own the olive oil mill because it allows us to squeeze the fruits at the perfect moment of maturation.

In order to achieve our rigorous quality parameters, our excellent extra virgin olive oils are produced only from the olives collected directly from the tree branch. Gently collected, the olives are rapidly transported to the mill to be immediately squeezed which guarantees the freshness, health and low acidity of our oils. Our production of olive oil is limited to the fruit we harvest from our olive trees. We never buy olives from a third party.

The creation of our Extra Virgins: Our olive mill "San José" is strategically situated in the center of the olive groves. The mill is brand new and equipped with state of the art machinery using the latest technology. We apply the cold milling method which allows us to obtain real natural olive juice of a superior quality. Another fact of note is the total absence of residuals chemical products, thus giving us a first class natural biological product. Once we have squeezed the oil, we store it in stainless steel tanks for its perfect preservation, thus avoiding quality alterations by keeping the oil away from its natural enemies: light, oxygen and heat.
When the time for bottling arrives, we make a pre-classification of our olive oils based on its acidity and organoleptic characteristic. Here at the Serrano-Gámez Company, we are able to bottle our oil using almost every type of packaging and only bottle once the order has been received from the customer.
The story our brand Heredad Serrano-Gámez is simple, from our fields, to our own mill, freshly bottled for you, our customer.

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