For this project, I played on the somewhat irrational fear of the band (a sentiment widely shared by US citizens towards life in Mexico) of crossing the border. So the sadistic prankster in me came out, and I staged a fake 'real' kidnapping of the band. The Burning of Rome thought they were going to Tijuana for a silly performance music video, they really had no idea of the events that would unfold and take us along on a strange and multi-leveled three act journey through the street-life of the ill reputed city.

After I yelled cut on the prank and everyone reveled in their renewed appreciation of life, the band was on a sustained adrenaline high. They were super happy to be safe, and they were excited to go on with the project.

Inspiration for the first song was Takeshi Kitano's 'Sonatine', where a bunch of gangsters pass time on a beach playing morbid games. For the second act, the band morphs into Tijuana street performers, and finally at the end, we get to follow their kidnappers and persecutors as they roam the streets of night time TJ.

Features three of their singles:

- Ballad Of An Onion Sprout @ 03:30 >
- Cowboys & Cut Cigars @ 07:22 >
- Island @ 11:24 >

A bit of info on the making-of... All the local participants are 'non-actors' and they all have their own stories to tell, of deportation, street deals, or day to day hustles..

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