I figured I'd try to round trip this footage from Premiere to After Effects and back to Premiere so that I could make use of the ColorGHears that I like so much.

I'm also trying a new final render setting in Premiere. I haven't been happy with the Vimeo preset so I made a few changes. We'll see if anyone can spot a difference.

I like the change in tone that I achieved with ColorGhear on this footage. I think it made it look even more film-like.

All I used was CineGamma and Tone with Saturation. When I rendered in Premiere, I changed the Profile to High, 2 Pass VBR with settings at 6 and 12 and I also added a Gaussian Blur level of 1 in the filter tab. Don't know if that's a good thing or bad, but you be the judge.

If anyone watches this and has seen the previous version done all in Premiere, please let me know what you see that's different/better/worse, and if you have any suggestions regarding rendering settings, I'd love to hear them!



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