Shot 1: Created steam using Turbulence FD in Cinema 4d. Tracked in Mocha and comped in After Effects. Vimeo compression wasn't very nice to the sim.

Shot 2: Painted extra blood on the apron using Bodypaint 3D, SynthEyes and Mocha. Added blood to the axe with Bodypaint 3D and hand 3D tracking it in Cinema 4D. Created blood in Realflow then rendered it in Cinema 4D with SSS. Also, I created the wound to the stomach in Cinema 4D using a variety of techniques including SSS for the skin and the guts.

Shot 3: The directors wanted the axe to look like it was deeper in the stomach so they wanted me to extend the belly of the Pig Lady for this shot. I 3D tracked it in Syntheyes then in Cinema 4D I project the footage of the stomach onto geometry, baked the footage then used a FFD deformer to extend the stomach further. The blood stream was created with Thinking Particles and Trapcode Particular.

Shot 4: I added blood to the apron with Bodypaint 3D and Mocha. Also, created some gushing blood with Realflow.

The directors were going for a kind of hyper real look with these gore shots.


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