During the month of May, Buddhists worldwide celebrate the birth, the enlightenment and the death of Buddha in a festival known as ‘Wesak‘.

Street decorations called ‘Wesak Thorana’ and ‘Wesak Lantern’ are the most popular ways of celebrating this festival, which is supposed to be a sin cleansing exercise. But financial gain, as it rules everything in life, has now been embraced by those who design and build these beautiful marvels of technology and art.

Here is our ’thorana’ that commemorates the life of Buddha, but with more emphasis on his unparalleled philosophy rather than on the legend!


‘Morning Bell Chant’
Performed by: Master Seung Sahn
From the album: ‘One Sound’
© Ellipsis Arts | 2000

‘Paaramithaa Bala’ [Eons of Determination]
Written by: Chandrarathna Manawasinghe
Composed by: W D Amaradeva
Performed by: W D Amaradeva, Nanda Malini & Chorus
From the album: ‘Aadhara Haenghum’ [Feelings of Love]
© Sing Lanka | c.1986

‘Sora Dhotuwek’ [A Thief]
Written by: Parakrama Kodithuwakku
Composed by: Rohana Weerasinghe
Performed by: Sunil Edirisinghe & Chorus
From the album: ‘Magey Senehasa’ [My Affection]
© Sing Lanka | 1985

‘Aesay Mathuwana’ [Tears in My Eyes]
Written by: Mahagama Sekara
Composed & Performed by: W D Amaradeva
From the album: ‘Madhuwanthi’ [Saraswati Raga]
© Sing Lanka | 1983

‘Thanhaa Aashaa’ [Greed & Lust]
Written by: Madawala S Rathnayake
Composed by: Lionel Algama
Performed by: W D Amaradeva
From the album: ‘Aadhara Haenghum’ [Feelings of Love]
© Sing Lanka | c.1986

Video & Audio Excerpts:
‘Best Fractals Zoom Ever’ | 1423robin | YouTube | 2010

‘Little Buddha’ | © CiBy 2000 & Recorded Picture Company | 1993

‘2010: A Mandelbrot Odyssey [Fractal Net HD]’ | Michael Hogg UK | YouTube | 2010
‘Greed’ | Gosfand | YouTube | 2008

‘Forever Young’ | Martin Kirk | YouTube | 2007

‘Perfeito’ | Mauricio Bartok | YouTube | 2009

‘Hambuster’ | Mr Mesacomocos | YouTube | 2011

‘Slimtime’ | Slimtime Team | YouTube | 2011

Tribute to Lust & Envy - Closer [FMA Edit] | The Double Zero | YouTube | 2010

‘Wheel of Time’ | © Werner Herzog Filmproduktion | 2003

‘Spaceship Earth‘ | Dan Eckert | Vimeo Plus | 2010

‘Microcosmos’ | © Galatée Films, France 2 Cinéma, Canal+ | 1996

For IsuruFoundation®
‘love is the cure’™

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