I'm making a ONE MAN feature film.
No budget, No experience, No time.
But I'm going to do it anyway!

Come with me, let's learn together :)

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My name is W Siegfried Jerrett,
and I am making a ONE MAN feature film.

I am a beginner and this is not my job.
I am filming in my spare time, which means time is tight.

One day I might film in the evening, another day in the morning.
Later I may need to edit those shots together and make it seem like it was all shot at the same time of day.

How can I do this?
Or to put it another way, total control of the light.

So I today I blocked up all the windows on the set where I will be filming.
Thus, no natural light will be on set, so I am in control of the light.

Coming up next week…


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