Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' commencement speech to Princeton's Class of 2010.

Edited by Tony Donisch
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Narration: Jeff Bezos Princeton Class of 2010 Commencement Speech

Music: "Outro" by M83

VIDEO (in order of appearance):
"Window to the Soul" by Steven Alan

"Fireworks at Graduation 2011" by Patrick Wilson

"Love and Inside Jokes" by Adi Bontuyan

"How I Spent My Winter Vacation - Learning Freefly/Skydive" by Dave Davis

"Walking in a New York Wonderland: A Timelapse" by Greatist

"Little Scream | A Take Away Show" by La Blogoteque

"'Letters to Haiti' trailer" by Coco Rocha

"Last Train" by David Schofield

"Occupy Oakland Protest" by Raleigh Latham

"Bouquet Away" by Jason Steelman

"Wait for Me" by Zaf

"Proposal" by AMK

"Skyliners Paris trailer" by Sebastien Montaz-Rosset

"LUCID" by Jack Haslehurst

"The Boxer" by Rob Parker

"Fork" by Samuel Curtis

"3DESTRUCT/Scopitone 2011" by Yannick Jacquet (Legoman)

"Free Hugs" by Icam

"Dying and Dinner Parties" by ThinPlace Pictures

"Seconds of Beauty - 1st round" and "The Beauty Of a Second - 2nd round" by The Beauty of a Second

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