Kenny: A Documentary in G
2013 Documentary
Director & Producer | Rod Blackhurst & Brian McGinn
Director of Photography | Rod Blackhurst

Known all over the world as the king of soft jazz, Kenny G is a modern music superstar. Since his self-titled debut in 1982, he’s sold 75 million albums — more than Eric Clapton, Prince, or Bob Dylan. Now in his third decade at the top of the jazz universe, Kenny would be forgiven for resting on his laurels.

Instead, Kenny has begun to pursue a new goal — making his dream of writing film scores a reality. But Hollywood isn’t eager to let Kenny in the building — his soft jazz background makes it tough to convince producers of his ability to handle movie music, even if Kenny himself knows he can compose memorable melodies.

While Kenny works towards silver screen success, he’s also on a more personal mission: to rediscover a real connection with his fanbase. In the past three decades, as his fame has grown, it’s become tougher and tougher for Kenny to avoid an element of isolation. Today, with Facebook and the internet changing how fans find and buy new music, human interaction has mostly disappeared from his professional world. Now, a new album almost ready for release, Kenny wants to load up a bus with CDs and road trip it across the USA, going door-to-door to meet fans and play impromptu concerts.

Kenny: a documentary in G will use interview, archive and recent tour footage to fill in Kenny G’s backstory, and combine his career narrative with the two new stories in the film. We’ll follow Kenny throughout his cross-country trip, from his bus driver training all the way to the east coast, watching him interact with fans and make new friends. What will Kenny learn about himself? Does he have enough in common with his fans to connect with them after three decades on top? In LA, Kenny will meet with Hollywood directors, composers and executives, working towards composing music for films. Starting by seeking advice and ending with the composition of an original score (for this documentary, the process of which will also be documented), Kenny’s journey into moviemaking will poke fun at his own reputation and the way the movie industry operates (and hopefully succeed in proving Kenny’s viability as a film composer). Will the man who holds the Guinness Record for the longest single saxaphone note be able to win over the film industry?

Using humor and humanity in equal measure, Kenny: a documentary in G will paint an unexpected, fun portrait of one of modern music’s icons.

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