My first experiment with Time lapse. Shot while on vacation with my wife last summer on Georgian Bay in Ontario, Canada.
I shot this using a firmware hack on a Canon point-and-shoot still camera.

The time lapse is not perfect. The next one will be better.

Things I learned:
- Bring extra batteries
- Choosing the best exposure for the next four hours is hard.
- Turn off the LCD or the batteries won't make it.
- If the tripod is light and there's wind, keep the tripod low.
- Autofocus + tripod movement isn't a good combo in a time lapse, but you can't turn off autofocus on a point-and-shoot.
- frame the shot for 16:9, so you don't lose anything when you crop.
- set the image size just a little bigger than your intended final output. I forgot to do this, and was taking huge photos. I would have had twice as much time lapse if I'd remembered to adjust the image size. On the plus side, it made it possible to crop

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