This is a the contiunation of a work-in-progress, the second part of a completed 27 minute documentary profiling David Neely and his Neely Guitars business. I am in the process of doing an eventual re-edit on Final Cut Pro, so that it will be in full-resolution form. My intention is to have it ready for festivals, and perhaps sell it to cable channels that show documentaries, such as Sundance or IFC. I won't make any significant changes to what exists here, just the changes I have stated already to be done on Final Cut Pro, including some audio tweaking and timing and grading of the images.

This second part focuses on two professional musicians who are David's clients: The first is Stuart Ziff, the lead guitarist for the band War. He shows off a guitar he received for free -- something that would otherwise have cost over $4000. You even get to see why he is the lead guitarist for this great band. (Stuart is the one you see in the dark t-shirt in the thumbnail image.)

The other client is Nick Hexum of 311. We see him with a vintage 1972 Gibson with a bigsby. What Nick (who loves to collect vintage guitars and use them on tour) needs to complete the package is to get a case that is around the same age as the Gibson.

Then we see a montage of David at work on various guitars, including Nick's Gibson. The montage is edited to "Truck," a piece that David composed and performed himself.

This is a very simple profile of a person who has become the "go-to guy" in L.A. when it comes to fixing guitars.

As with Part One, any feedback and comments are welcome.

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