30'00" / color / sound /1920*1080 Full HD / Taiwan / 2012

This is a film in which I portrait 8 people who cross lives.The characters have never met each other before.Through a few photo's given by a stranger,they fabricate the memory of how they unconsciously met.

I select 4 portraits of women from my life before residency. Until arrive LA, I select 4 local women and let them choose one picture of these photos. She makes a hypothetical description (about her career, habits, favorite foods, her life ,etc.)for the strange Taiwan woman. The way to describe must be undoubted, like an old friend ( the described as "I remember…", not "I think …"). All interview will be recorded by video.

Until come back to Taiwan, I invite these 4 Taiwanese women to describe in same way, for the American woman who selected her. Last, I edit the two-sides interview ,let it become a dialogue across space and time.


Amanda Katz
Dorothy Hoover
Emilie Sabath
Kelly Contessa
方俞如 Yu-ju Fang
洪詩慧 Shi-Hui,Hong
施慧婷 Hui-Ting,Shi
劉 玗 Liu-Yu

Special thanks
18th Street Art Center
Amber Jones
Marjan Vayghan
Nicole Gordillo
Ray Sun
Shirley Yang
Yvette Gellis
余瑾蓉 陳亮亮
陳婉婷 蔡家榛
鄭晴心 陶美羽
莊雁婷 莊曉通

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