When Sony dropped off the new FS700 at AbelCine for some quick tests, we put it to work right away. We wanted to test many things, but focused on low-light performance, dynamic range, and the camera’s slow-motion options. The FS700 is an updated model of the FS100, so much of our testing also compared these two cameras.

The first thing I wanted to test was the FS700′s low light performance; I checked the camera’s noise levels and how it performed at its highest ISO. In the first part of the test, I shot a lit chart at ISO levels from 500-16000 (in 1 stop increments) and maintained a consistent exposure. The FS100 has very low noise levels, so I wanted to compare the two cameras. Besides the noise level changes, also note the color and resolution performance on the chart.

In the second part of the test, I brought out a single candle source and increased the ISO levels through the same range. You can see how the FS700 compares to the FS100. Also, watch how the camera handles highlights as we get to the higher ISO levels.

Watch the rest of Andy's FS700 tests here:
Dynamic Range: vimeo.com/42208862
Slow Motion: vimeo.com/42210382

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