Adapted by Andrew O'Hagan from his book The Missing. Directed by John Tiffany.

Tramway, Glasgow
from 15th September to 1st October 2011

Supported by Bank of Scotland, Pioneering Partner of the National Theatre of Scotland

There are all sorts of missing. The world is full of missing persons, and their numbers increase all the time. The space they occupy lies somewhere between what we know about the ways of being alive and what we hear about the ways of being dead. They wander there, unaccompanied and unknowable, like shadows of people.

In 1994, a young Scottish writer finds himself standing outside 25 Cromwell Street, Gloucester, feeling that the media circus engulfing this now notorious address has overlooked the most important story. Who were these murdered women and why were most of them never reported missing?

Compelled and troubled by this experience, he begins a pilgrimage that takes him from the south of England back to the bygone Glasgow of the late 1960s and from there out to Irvine and the haunting disappearance of a young boy in his childhood. The new towns promised so much to so many. A fresh start and a different life away from the darkness and danger of the old city, all tied up with a corporation red ribbon round bath taps that had never before been used.

Reuniting director John Tiffany (Black Watch) with author Andrew O'Hagan (Be Near Me) The Missing is a series of gripping encounters that retraces and reanimates the final journeys of sons, daughters, sisters and childhood friends; the missing.

Cast includes: Brigit Forsyth, Joe McFadden, Myra McFadyen, Brian Pettifer, Barbara Rafferty and John Ramage.

Recommended for ages 15+

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