"Run for your life, never turn around, take your thoughts and put them on the fire, burn the place you hide."
Silence Break Your Heart - St Thomas

As the line between what 'is' and 'isn't' authentic becomes increasingly difficult to define, the conspicuous absence of filter between the life and the art of Norwegian musician Thomas Hansen is as refreshing as it is heartbreaking.

Before his tragic death in 2007, Thomas Hansen was one of the most original and painfully honest voices in contemporary music. Haunted by the debilitating effects of mental illness, his music, both joyous and melancholy, was rooted in a place of heartfelt candor, an open invitation to the world of a uniquely talented and often very troubled artist.

"I am a dreamer and I sometimes live so much in my dreams that I get very disappointed when I find out which world I am in". Thomas Hansen - 2001

Filmed with unprecedented access to unreleased archives and interviews with the musicians, friends and family closest to him, Burn The Place You Hide is the first time the extraordinary life of Thomas Hansen has been fully documented.

From a distance Thomas Hansen appeared to have it all. Feted by such luminaries as Lambchop and Howe Gelb, he seemed destined for an acclaimed and successful career. Tragically however, it was this very success, combined with the honesty that had made his music so special, that left him increasingly vulnerable to an aggressive media and acted as the catalyst that drove him to the edge of despair.

Increasingly overlooked by critics and misunderstood by the press, he followed a singular personal vision that led him to create some of the most universally human songs of his career and gave birth to an abundance of music that is only now being fully appreciated.

The film is both a candid tribute to a unique artist and a universal story about the capacity for love between family and friends.

Set against the backdrop of the Norwegian landscape the film features an exceptional body of interviews. It is through the words of those closest to him, alongside a wealth of never before seen archive material and a huge library of home recordings, we finally begin to understand the life of an immensely complicated and hugely gifted human being.

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