Dinosaurs: Ancient Fossils, New Discoveries‘ amazing bio-mechanical models and lush dioramas will give you the thrill of discovering something brand-new about a creature that lived millions of years ago. Ever since the first dinosaur fossil was identified almost 200 years ago, people have wondered how these fascinating animals lived, moved and behaved. At first, dinosaur hunters used only such tools as a keen eye, shovel and compass. Today, scientists also rely on everything from satellite technology to scanning electron microscopes.

Be among the first in Canada to immerse yourself in this amazing new dinosaur experience, curated and designed by the world famous American Museum of Natural History.

Written and Directed by / Scotty Carlson
Director of Photography / Derek Frankowski
Executive Producer / David Alexander
Narration by / Rob Sulman
Edited by / Derek Frankowski
Visual FX / Manuel Silva
Original Score by / Seb Taylor
Sound Design / Mix / Keith White Audio
Music Services provided by / Androo Mitchell
Narration recorded at / High Lonesome Recordings
Narration recorded by / Graham Tracey
Production Assistance by / Eric Espig

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