Warsaw - Zacheta National Gallery of Art (zacheta.art.pl)
Live Seed Project (Poland) - visual art phiLipp geist/ videogeist
"Zacheta" National Gallery of Art.
pl. Ma'achowskiego 3

Warsaw Electronic Festival 2005 / 30.10.05

"Creativity in Motion" October 15 - November 5, 2005

Electronic music and new media are created away from "a place". Music, new media and technology, all constantly intertwining. It makes us feel like we are surrounded by never-ending changes, development and possibilities to create something new. We are fascinated by these changes. This is why since 2002 we have been showing you our own point of view on art and technology. Our lifestyles change. Nowadays even 20-year-old artists decide what the art of tomorrow might look like. A revolution is on its way. Everything happens faster. The Internet became a tool. It is a workshop, a school and a studio, all at the same time. A thought became a fabric.
Every single project that we present here evolved from one simple thought: to be able to move freely and overcome all the boundaries that keep us tied to one place. Now it is possible. Internet not only became a mean of exchanging information but it also made it possible to create and share. This progress leads us to new music and media projects. It is our inspiration. This is why once again we decided to show you what a breeze of cyberculture can bring, what laptops sound like and what bits look like.

What is the WEF'

The WEF is an international festival which reveals music created with and under the influence of technology. At the Festival you can experience both electronic music and new media art. One of our goals is to show the context in which all these things are brought to life. This is why we also invite professors and experts who show you how they perceive the rapidly moving progress and new art. The WEF is an annual event and dates back to 2002. As always also this year it takes place in Warsaw.

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