BARLANGIS can be reached in two ways: From the East coming by train or the West after hiking through 2 days of darkness.
The first thing becoming visible once your eyes finally get adjusted to the distant spotlights are the enormous metallic structures rising out of the solid mountain walls, ceiling and ground. The dark, cold industrial shapes seem out of place in their earthy environment. Faded and warn down by humidity and hard labour.
Whether Barlangis is unfinished or has been demolished is hard to tell if one does not know its past.
Travelers might question the mysterious bond between man and nature but soon come to understand the necessity of their connection.
Only after spending enough time underground can one truly understand the meaning of sunlight and begin to miss the stars.
For the inhabitants of these complex labyrinth of poles and strings a seemingly never ending shift work pattern, in order to secure the very existence of their home, is just as much part of their everyday life as the daily mental recreation in-front of the television, enjoying one of the endless amount of available channels offered to Barlangis' citizens.

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