The Skrillex Cell is a multidisciplinary touring production that mixes 3D projection mapping and real-time motion capture for live performance.

Sonny Moore - Executive Producer
Tim Smith - Executive Producer
Dave Navarro - Director / Art Director
Miguel Garcia Risueno - Technical Director
Corey Johnson - Producer / Production Manager
Vello Virkhaus - Consulting Producer / V Squared Labs
Mat Daly - Consulting Producer & Animator / Leviathan
Phil Reyneri - TouchDesigner Programmer
Stefano Novelli - Lead Fabricator
Peter Sistrom - VFX Designer / V Squared Labs
Mat Hale - Character Modeling & Rigging / Imag8nineteen
Jose Fèlix Lucia - Lead UDK Developer
William Kladis - UDK VFX Artist
Scott Pagano - Animator
Carlos Sa - Animator / V Squared Labs
Jaume Creus - Animator
Jordi Pagès - Animator
Emile Van De Coevering - Animator / V Squared Labs
Adam Murray - SFX Director / BPM SFX

Robert Dyar - Tour Manager
Baptiste Chavaillaz - Production Manager
Phil Reyneri - System Operator
Andy Nissley - Lighting Designer
Jesse Nikette - Video Operator
David Wexler - Video Operator
Andrew Gold - UDK Operator / DJ Tech

ProductionCLub: Production Management, Fabrication, for version 1.5

This video is directed and edited by Stephen Vasquez

Director/ Art director
my job was to design and direct the show and delver the product for touring during 2011/2012
my task as designer were from designing the structure, the concept, the characters, create the aesthetic line for the entire show and supervising the creation of content.
i also create 40 percent of the content is projected on the structure, including the cinematic animations for the intro and the character introductions

nothing of this would be possible without my right hand a best friend, Miguel Garcia Risueno

special thanx:
Kimberly Higgins

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