The Hare of Darkness is an antithesis of whatever qualities the Easter Bunny stands for. He's mean, he's bad and he's not really into anything but heavy metal. The Hare has been created in 2008 as a series of seasons cards for Play Mobile.

Lyrics translation:
"For these shrieks and uproar
With a jellyfish you will choke.
For these skidmarks on sanddunes
Conflagration for your soul!
For the cigarette butts tossed into the sand
Chaos and grief!
For the crumpled ice cream wrappings
Rack tortures!
For going to the solarium
The cyanosises will shock you
And for the dogs without a leash
All of you will taste sands in your underwear

Story by Daniel Rakus
Storyboards, concept and character design: Konrad Szłapa
Animation by fristajlo! studio

Commisioned by K2 Internet

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