The Brief was: 'Watch the film and make us a trailer." Ok then..

We did some additional filming for the captions using Pete Doherty's cocaine and came up with this. Not really- it was crushed sugar which wreaks havoc on the sinuses. We'll be using a Hoover next time!

Cut using FCP with additional bits of After Effects.

Available now on iTunes:

'A twisted and sometimes surreal tale, following the rock band The Fuckin Lovelies through drugs, drinking, music and finally a mythical music festival. The making of the film required the forming of a real band, which then went on to score the film; and indeed the film begins like a fly on the wall of the music scene. Then it takes off onto the road with the band, only to make an abrupt and shocking u-turn, ending in a brutal bloodbath. While dark, it has some classic moments, great characters and truly frightening scenes. Part road movie, part rock 'n' roll drama, part comedy, part horror, the film is a trip in itself.' - CFF


Pete Doherty ... Pete
Mick Whitnall ... Mik
Joel Fry ... Christmas
David Crellin ... House Guy
Michael Starke ... Fish
Anton Saunders ... Nathen
Lee Whitlock ... Ads
Leah Muller ... Storme
Micky Christmas ... Billy
Laura Freeman ... Jess
Cary Crankson ... Z
Lewis Howell ... Sketchy
Andy Edwards ... Paul
David Peacock ... General
John Jenkins ... Jonny
Eddie Jenkins ... Eddie

The Lovelies -

Morgan Nichols - (Muse, Gorrilaz, Senseless Things.)
Eddie Jenkins - (The Streets and DJ)
Jonny Jenkins - (The Streets)
Mick Whitnall - (Babyshambles)
Joel Fry - (Joey Fry)
Peter Doherty - (Babyshambles,The Libertines)
Rich De Rosa - (Scubaroots)

Directed by Josh Bagnall
Produced by Josh Bagnall - Spencer Leven - Bob Horwell - Yan Miles - Fish-Pot Productions

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