In another historic meeting the City of Gretna’s and the Town of Greensboro’s elected officials and administrative staffs met Monday night.
The meeting was held at the Greensboro town hall.
Currently the Town of Greensboro is in the process of connecting to the Gretna water supply.
The connection is part of the water and sewer expansion project that Gretna is currently completing at the State Road 12 and Interstate 10 interchange.
Gretna city manager Antonio Jefferson explained that the connection should be completed within the next 30 to 60 days.
The Creek Entertainment-Gretna facility, Jefferson said, was the driving force behind their city’s ability to bring water to Greensboro.
Gretna mayor Clarence Jackson stated at the meeting that he wanted to work together with Greensboro and help them grow along with Gretna.
Greensboro’s town clerk, Max Fletcher, said their city’s biggest need right now is for a sewer system.
The two commissions agreed to meet again and also invite the county commission for the joint meeting.
To see a video of this historic meeting please go to The Herald’s Vimeo site at

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