This is a Clip from the Feature Documentary Videocracy, I worked on it as Assistant Director for about 2 years

Assistant Director: Iacopo Patierno
Produced and Directed by Erik Gandini

In Italy, for thirty odd years, the image has been controlled by one man. TV-magnate and Presidente Silvio Berlusconi has influenced the content of commercial television in a way never before done in Italy. His TV-channels, with their young skimpy-clad girls, are seen by many to mirror his own taste and personality.In Videocracy, portrays the consequences of a TV-experiment that Italians have been subjected to for 30 years. Gaining unique access to the most powerful media spheres, he unveils a remarkable story, born out of the scary reality of ”TV-Republic” Italy.

Best Documentary, Toronto Film Festival
Inaugural Special Jury Award, Sheffield Film Festival
Citti Award to Erik Gandini, Golden Graal (PDF in Italian)
Tempo Documentary Award 2010 (Best film)
Crossing Europe Award 2010 Linz, Austria

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