Berlin Wall around 1978 looks like a surreal image. The socialist state was crumbling at the other side. Capitalist city at this side was decadent, consumerism oriented and women of life looking for customer on the streets. Just like the progressive paintings of 1929

The street names like Spandau reminds horrific memories Rudolf Hess imprisoned there and train stations which carried prisoners to concentration camps of Nazis.
The war torn city looked shaby but there were very lively and experimental art scene in the western part of the city.

The irony was, the democratic! Side of the city there was an old Jewish neighborhood called Kreuzbach, now there are many legally invited Turkish immigrant workers families live there. But there was swastikas and `Turkische Raus’ "Turks out" slogans on the wall. These immigrant workers of Turkey replaced the man power of Germany lost in WWII. Invitation came from German government. But it was very difficult for them to bring their families. As if they only wanted the working man.

It is very sad there were many attacks and assaults to these workers and some of their homes were burned, adults and children killed.

It seems we have to be vigilant against racist ideas and beliefs all around the world. That is the only way to make this world livable.

Kamil Pınarcı

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