20 Years of the ‘Promoting Tolerance’ program.
Facts and Figures

• The Promoting Tolerance programme was inaugurated in 1992 by the American Jewish Committee and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.

• The annual program consists of three parts:
- Online preparatory seminar
- International seminar in Europe
- 10 day study trip to the United States

• The goals of the program are:
- Promoting a climate of tolerance, pluralism, respect and an appreciation of diversity
- Improving the rights of minorities and creating an atmosphere of mutual acceptance
- Exchanging ‘best practice’ experiences of multicultural societies
- Encouraging cross-border co-operation
- Promoting Tolerance through the strengthening of Civil Society
- Establishing and strengthening contacts between the various levels of society through the efforts of the program’s open-minded, liberal participants and alumni.

• The program focuses on young liberal politicians and liberal minded representatives of civil societies from Central, East and Southeast Europe, South Caucasus and Central Asia.

• By the end of 2012, more than 275 participants from 28 countries of Central, East and Southeast Europe, South Caucasus and Central Asia will have participated in the program.

Visit the program ‘Promoting Tolerance’ at msoe.fnst.org

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