Local Catholics Angela and Chris Faddis join us on the program to talk about their battle with cancer. A year ago, Angela was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer which had spread to the liver and was given very little hope of cure or survival. The diagnosis was a shock — both because of her age and preceding excellent health, and because she had no warning signs previous to developing a complete blockage in her colon.

Through the struggle, they've received prayers and encouragement from all over. Particularly evident, though, has been God's love.

The couple plan to share their story in a book that's titled "It is Well — Life in the Storm." The book will be a memoir detailing the accounts of their last year and how God has continued to strengthen them throughout this storm and given them hope. They hope and pray that this book will be an encouragement to many who are dealing with similar trials in life.

In order to self-publish their book, they are seeking support from the community. To help Angela and Chris, visit their website here: indiegogo.com/itiswell

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