You are going to wakeboard on a ski hill? What?? How?? This was the general response when the notification was posted of the Summer Meets Winter Wakeboard and Snowboard/Ski Rail Jam that took place Sunday March 22nd at Calabogie Peaks Resort near Ottawa, Ont. This unique event was organized by marketing director and competitive wakeboarder Erika Langman, and Calabogie Peaks terrain park manager Nick Solowjew. The event was the year end culmination of the Calabogie Peaks Drop In contest Series as well as the wrap up to the March Break Mardi Gras festival. Needless to say these two individuals had quite the crowd show up just to see how exactly they were going to pull this stunt off.

Wakeboard: 1st: Yann Thibault 2nd: Craig McCallion 3rd: Alex Boucher
Girls Wakeboard: Tie Ally Boothroyd and Erika Langman
Wakeskate: 1st: Yann Lecompt 2nd: Yann Roy 3rd: Vince Whiteman
Open Men Snowboard: 1st: Brandon Richardson 2nd: Lukas Weendenburg 3rd:Max Middlestat
Grom Snowboard: 1st: Zenon Krupta 2nd: Adam Livingston 3rd: Jay Fleury
Girls Ski: 1st: Maxime Bergeron
Open Men Ski: 1st: Josh Brose 2nd: Nick Shaley

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