OCTET is a private cloud based video file management and playback software, developed by Univers Labs. The system allows easy playback and pre grading of footage, ideal for DoP’s, DIT’s and directors.

OCTET allows responsive and reliable on set workflows for pre-visualising grading, correcting LUTs and playback.

OCTET runs on a Mac or PC and with the use of a standard wireless router, network or internet connection allowing selected persons to edit, playback or grade footage non destructively on multiple smartphones, tablets or computers.

OCTET uses intelligent on the fly transcoding, no more waiting for clips to fully render several versions of footage before viewing on any device, just point OCTET to the folders containing your footage and users will have safe and responsive access to the footage without changing the original files.

OCTET is in an early Alpha version and is not currently available to the public.

Univers Labs are adding features daily, the following features are being developed:
RED R3D support.
LUT Import.
Look saving and loading.
Import and playback of Final Cut,Adobe Premiere and AVID files.
Conversion between standard color spaces such as rec709, fcc and linear.
Generation of HD dailies.
Video overlays.
Playback of image sequences.
3D anaglyph video generation and playback.
Standard DIT operations such as media offloading and file verification.
View and edit metadata.

Univers Labs are looking to test OCTET on professional productions; if you are interested please feel free to get in contact.

Any suggestions or opinions are welcome! contact us via the methods below:


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