Kathy Roberts, Gold Medalist (3 Gold, Silver & Bronze medals) & Athlete of the Year. Carried torch for Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony. Kathy Roberts ©GIFTOFSTRENGTH.com® Productions, Since 1999. Independent Journalist, Photojournalist -- Humanitarian - All Rights Reserved

Kathy Roberts, Enjoying the Waterfront. Taking advantage of a beautiful day to enjoy the best that nature has to offer. The love of life. The love of nature.

Kathy Roberts, Humanitarian

Kathy Roberts, Elected Presdent, Alumni Council

Kathy Roberts, Served as First Vice President Alumni Council

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Kathy Roberts giftofstrength.com/Community_Service_is_Where_it_Counts!!!.html

Kathy Roberts, Lifetime Drugfree World Champion Powerlifter/Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, Owner/Creator of GIFTOFSTRENGTH.com®, GIFTOFSTRENGTH® Services, GIFT TO LIFT™, GIFT OF STRENGTH®, since 1999

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