Tom and I work at the same company (Digitrax Recording Studios), which makes susprises a little bit challenging. But instead of making this situation a disadvantage my brilliant boyfriend made it an advantage by incorporating his proposal with work. He created a fake AVP project, and asked our boss, well almost everyone in our office to let me be the tech on that “Just Say YES” project. With out any complete instruction on how the VO (voice over) will be or what the product is, the in-house talent/accomplice Ian and I proceeded on the recording. In the middle of the session, Pam one of the accomplices gave me the video which will be used for the AVP. I really didn't expect that this weird “Just say YES!” AVP project will be the proposal! And the whole office knew about it.
So there, I guess the “Just Say YES!” campaign is successful because it made me laugh, cry and say yes at the same time.

Thanks to all the people that helped my fiancee Tom make this proposal possible.

I love you Tom.

***Note : We do not own any music used for this video
Pomplamoose - Centrifuge
Avalanche City - Everybody Knows

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