The crickets were crazy! Their concerto was loud to our delight. Was sad to leave them. We promised the critters the gallery will be back. More forgotten places soon. till then friends...

Highlights from this segment include:
Shards of Colour by Barbara De Dominicis and Ginnetta Correli
Informed of Stretch by Jason Marsh
Agnus Dey by H. D. Lange
“my favorite color was blue” by H.D. Lange
man with movie camera _compilation_ BpOlar soundtrack
The Big Picture by Fabio Scacchioli
Concerto by The Crickets
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The Forgotten Film Gallery is a web based documentary film project and video art installation which plans to showcase a collection of films dealing with interpretations of the forgotten and the indefinite time period during and after the present. The Forgotten Film Gallery will attempt to link the past, present and future using unique areas of the Mojave and Amargosa desert as it's gallery space.

The goal for the Forgotten Film Gallery is to unite the new with the old. Link the past to the future using the remoteness of the desert as the gallery space and the world wide web as a platform to distribute a documentary freely with the public.

By utilizing the lonely desert as an audience. Contemporary artists might continue to create freely without the fear of rejection. Sharing the film on the web will also allow the general public to recognize and value the importance of our often under appreciated past and present natural environment.

Featuring works from video and sound artists:
Frederic Chagnard
Agnès Hardy
Fred L'Epée
Dimitra Pouliopoulou
Rouzbeh Rashidi
Barbara De Dominicis
H.D. Lange
Roy Anamitra
Ginnetta Correli
Dirk Driesen
Jason Marsh
Istvan Horkay
Alastair Cook
Roland Quelven
Maria Niro
Fabio Scacchioli
David Sanchez Burr
Jared Blum
Zigo Rayopineal
Pinina Podestà
Sofia Koubli
Jesse Richards
Ron Diorio
Maria Korporal
J De Salvo
Produced by: Fred L'Epée, Barbara De Dominicis, Roland Quelven, Maria Niro, Jason Marsh and Ginnetta Correli

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