-- An entrepreneur seminar event with Joel Freeman in Hampton, VA at Hampton University's Convocation Center.

The book and popular seminar program, "If Nobody Loves You, Create The Demand" have emerged over the years as Dr. Joel Freeman has built his own consulting business, along with his other entrepreneurial enterprises.

An alternative, long-winded title to this book could be, "If Nothing Is Happening in Your Business, Don't Sit Around Popping Martyr Pills -- Work Smarter and Make Something Happen!" One reviewer of the advance manuscript said, "...I almost felt guilty getting this kind of information without having to pay..."

Combining personal vulnerability, pithy advice and reader-friendly content Freeman has developed an intriguing approach to the entrepreneurial journey, which has already connected with many noted business experts ranging from Steve Forbes, George Fraser, Ken Blanchard, Cathy Hughes and Peter Shea to Brian Tracy, Janice Corley, Ben Carson and Rich DeVos.

Freeman addresses topics like: Marketing. Branding. Reinventing yourself during these tough economic times. "Vision-rich, cash-poor" ideas. And so much more...

The Freeman Institute
tel: 410-729-4011

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