June 29, 2011 10:49 PM
Mequon, WI (appx. 10 min. north of Milwaukee)
Shot with an iPhone 4 (footage directly from camera)

I was driving home one night last summer and I witnessed something quite unique in the dark sky that was above. My attention was caught by an array of pulsating orange lights that could swiftly, yet silently, move in different patterns. Needless to say, I immediately pulled out my phone to take this video. Within the course of this short video clip, I happen to drive my car about 20 feet forward to get a better view, so please take that into consideration if you attempt to examine the precise movement of the lights in this context. Try to notice the difference between my movement (camera perspective), and the actual lights. I had one other passenger in the car with me who also witnessed the event. She was relatively uninterested, but also felt that it was strange.

Still can't explain what this was, however, the mystery makes a great conversation topic around my friends that believe in the existence of extra-terrestrial life. Haha, enjoy!

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