Ok so just got the new MA35 filter in from Jason Coates (Manhattan analog) at my shop Equinoxoz.com, it is based on the Korg MS10 topology. Being a huge fan of the Korg MS series I was very excited to try out this new module as from the demos I had heard it sounded really incredible. So I decided to make a video! ;-)

Well.......It did NOT dissapoint, this filter absoutely NAILS that Korgy sound and in my opinion it is because of the fact that not only does it have an authentic filter sound but also the onboard VCA imparts a special characteristic sound to the module overall as well.

Ok so for the patch, pretty basic stuff. Just two Analogue Systems RS95E's at various tunings throughout the video running into the two, nicely overdriveable inputs of the filter. I had a Harvestman Double Andore being used as both the Envelope for the VCA and also the Envelope for the Filter. I was playing the notes from an Analogue Systems Demon keyboard controller.
The Bubblesound ULFO was conscripted at times to perform som modulation duties such as Filter cutoff modulation and controlling the VC'able HP/LP response.

I have to say that (although I may be a bit biased) this filter is incredible, sounds so authentic to my ear and if you were to run two in series it would be an excellent rendition of the classic Korg MS20 topology. The filter is great value as well particularly for small systems with it having the two inputs and the on board VCA.

Great work from Manhattan Analog! Hope this video gives you some ideas of the sounds capable with this module.

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