Non-profit video. Footage from 'The Very Eye Of Night' (Maya Deren, 1952-59), 'Ritual In Transfigured Time' (Maya Deren, 1945-46), 'Ashden's Walk on Møn' (Derek Jarman, 1974), Man Ray and Henning Bendtsen.

DIE HEXEN!/Die_Hexen
Debut album to be released this year.


I had a word with the moon
she told me not to fall too soon

I caught a glimpse of her sky
her greatness came and filled my eyes

I whisper to you everyday
when darkness falls i call your name

You taught me to take a chance
on purple hearts and ACROBATS

I throw arrows at your stars
they disappear like burning flowers

I saw the lanterns fly
a LOVE burnt out in ocean sky

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