Just outside of the commune of Pont-Aven, Bretagne -- beyond the construction site of an evermore expanding retirement community -- lies the village of Nizon. The residents of Nizon, and its surrounding communities will tell you: the ghosts of Genevieve de Rustéphan and Iannick ar Flécher still haunt the castle ruins today.

The woman who spoke to me was born in Nizon, a village of 300 inhabitants located in Brittany, three kilometers from Pont-Aven. She knew all the old legends of the region.

This one was true. This 16th century story is a tragic tale of a commoner (Iannick) who fell in love with the daughter (Géneviève) of the local seigneur of Faou. Their two families did not approve of the relationship, and Iannick was forced to become a priest and leave town.

Géneviève died broken-hearted, throwing herself from the top of the tower to the ground below. Her spirit is said to haunt the ruins to this day.

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