Project 4:3 is exploring the possibilities of mediated theatre, performative pieces that appear through variable medias and interface forms. It focuses on a mediation of the movement and perception configurations that challenge an interaction and a position of a participant.
4:3 Is also a research, which reveals the design process and laboratory testing with different solutions. Experiments operate in the following areas:
Dance performance with projections, streamed also on-line. (eve 4:3)
An interactive installation with motion capture -technology.
An interactive installation with 3D-sound.
4:3 opens the idea of presenting the variations of the same choreography in 3 different media environments. The starting point for the series 4:3 was Samuel Beckett´s play Quad. This piece has inspired the ideas of our group to the next level; we have developed the content of the pieces to answer exactly to our vision and needs.

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