Knowing that seeing is believing and we believe in seeing,VonZipper will
donate one optical frame for every optical frame we sell. With a simple
purchase of a frame, a life is changed forever, and that's a real eye-opener.

Throughout the world, the cost of eyeglasses is far beyond the reach of
the needy. In many developing nations the cost of a frame can be the
equivalent to one year's salary. Without assistance, thousands of people go
without the glasses that they need to read, work, attend school and do the
everyday activities that we take for granted.

The Retina Revolutionaries from VonZipper are here to fight for the right of
sight, as it is our mission to bring the vision! We feel that it is important to
share our success and hope that you will share our focus. So join us in
giving something back and become a Pupillary Missionary!

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