This was my pitch/kickstarter video that now serves as a trailer of my work in progress - a documentary on female fighters (MMA, boxing, wrestling, etc).

If this trailer is up, it means I continue my work on it. I've set up a paypal account, so that you could contribute to support this project. Similar to the kickstarter reward system, I will follow through with my supporters on their rewards!

$30 donation gets either digital copy or physical DVD of the finished doc and a poster
$50 donation gets gets all the $30 gets, plus one print of one of the athletes featured in the film
$100 donation gets all of $50 plus the photo book that includes featured athletes stories
$250 donation gets all of $100 plus 2 tickets to the screening
$500 donation - all of $250 plus additional DVD and additional book and additional 2 tickets to the screening
$1000 donation - all of $500, 3 books total, 5 DVDs total, 5 posters, 2 prints, 6 tickets total

you can paypal directly to if that is easier.

You can also follow my photographic endeavors on and

Donate away and show yo support!

Thank you!

Tiny Russian

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