This animation is a promotional piece for the traveling “Olive the Options” kiosk sponsored by the Food Network. The animation promotes eating olives as a fun and exciting activity that will enrich and inspire those who choose to explore the many flavors when stuffing olives.

In the animation, emphasis is placed on stuffing olives with a variety of flavors. The presence of another food provides the already bold taste of the olive with a little something extra. Stuffing olives adds to the taste of the olives rather than masking the natural flavor. The options for stuffing olives is only limited by the imagination and ingenuity of the cook.

The animation targets young professional, sophisticated men and women between the ages of 21 – 35 years old. These young professionals do not have much time to prepare food, but they do enjoy finding new and creative meals to make. They are interested in cooking shows but do not have time to watch them because they are at work during at their regularly programed time.

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