Part III of the three-part Geometry of Music And Art (GoMAC) series focuses on a visual journey of how the color spectrum...and specifically the complementary colors of each hue, are based on the ISL. This visual walk-through and summary of key concepts relating the ISL-derived Brooks (Base) Square, BBS, matrix with a geometrically derived division of both the musical monochord…resulting in the chromatic and diatonic major scale… and the color spectrum, in which color complements inside and outside of the 400-750 nm visible spectrum dictate the colors that we perceive. Based on "The Geometry of Music, Art and Structure...linking science, art and esthetics" white paper, "Geometry of Music And Color, I" new media project, and the BBS matrix. Original soundtrack (C). Copyright 2012, Reginald Brooks. All rights reserved. Links:

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